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ARISE  foundation is a nonprofit organization initiated by a group of entrepreneurs with an aim of uplifting the underprivileged of the society. There are nearly 31 million jobless Indians whose talents are lying dormant. As our CSR, we put in our sincere efforts in providing them with means of self employment. We seek to motivate, train and assist people to improve the quality of their life through entrepreneurship. In particular, we give people a chance to showcase their skill and earn their livelihood while giving a boost to the rural industries.
In a country where we prosper by you, We consider it our responsibility to create such opportunities for the youth, so in future, the country can benefit by them.
Our approach is to help the disadvantaged make themselves self reliant and lead them to a life of integrity. We work with the talent hindered by their lack of funds. Our all endeared approach helps us to reach out and help the underprivileged group of society.
Arise seeks to train, motivate and assist people in achieving self sustenance and making their life better through entrepreneurship and self dependency.
Our strength is in our policies and ideology that everyone deserves a chance to make their lives better. We believe in helping people take control of their lives by making them self dependent.
Arise works towards the empowerment of the disadvantaged and discouraged. They are given a chance to develop and enhance their lifestyle.
We provide them a framework to get organized and start on the road to self sustenance. We engage youth participation rather than just documentation and rallies . We induce grass root action, audit the impact and share it with all stakeholders. Our strategies are thoroughly planned and promising.
We address the need of more entrepreneurs in the current market. We work with the young, disadvantaged youth and give them the resources they lack. For us the means does not matter, but the mass upliftment of the underprivileged.
We train people in their interests and help them prosper through their own ventures. We provide them with a platform to come forward and seek help and contribute in mutual growth. We work in different communities with various programmes for the holistic development of the society. We dream of a future where every Indian is self reliant and living with dignity.To this end, we offer vocational, life skills and entrepreneurship training with an emphasis on mindset and behavior change. We seek to empower those from socially and economically marginalized sections by enabling them to become employable in a dynamic market.Our core activities are aimed at engaging various stakeholders to holistically impact communities by orienting them to value and respect skills. Each of our programmes are geared towards developing employability skills to enable communities to become employed, self sufficient.


Innovation requires building new advances and taking risks to keep up with the rapidly changing world. We believe that trying and testing the skills of our unused workforce and creating an environment of growth are the key to problem solving. We work to use new talent, collaborate with the young generation and accelerate the pace of social change. Arise aims to be the platform of advancement by providing the underprivileged with the contingency of success and growth. We aim to collaborate with young entrepreneurs and help to create new entrepreneurs. We operate on the ground level, helping people to be self reliant and self sustaining so as to improve the quality of life. We aim to bring new industries which will bring opportunities of employment for everyone. Rural industries, with their small gestation period helps the entrepreneurs to sustain themselves and gradually expand their profit over time.We create programmes and invest in individuals who wish to improve their lives. We harness the best impulses of entrepreneurship, social change and technology to drive exponential results. We believe that our society needs more fearless approaches so we invest in new ideas and help people who have the potential to change this world for better. We create entrepreneurs for the smaller regions, where they prosper to create more demand for the workforce, thus providing several more opportunities to others. Arise aims at bringing the resources to people who lack it the most and give them the opportunity to work for themselves. Self sustenance is a great achievement and it will help the younger generation of the disadvantaged to have a better chance at life. Our actions and steps are always towards ensuring and investing in the betterment of the disadvantaged communities. Here, arise is giving them an opportunity to work from home and showcase their abilities this world. We also promote artistic ventures. Arise will give them a platform to present their abilities and make a livelihood out of it. Thus, this way we help in the rural development and empowerment.

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Our Volunteers

We always look forward to welcoming more members to the ARISE.

We are interested in getting volunteers go to rural areas and interact with the local artists, give them counseling, convince them be part of ARISE, help in raising funds, organize small events for these artists.

Do get in touch, if what you have seen and read here on this website interests you.


Shivali Jha


Shivali Jha is Graduate in Mass Communication and Journalism and hold Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations. She has an enthusiastic personality who believes in making difference.


Akhil Batra


Akhil Batra has a diploma in Event Management from National Institute of Event Management (Pune). He is a passionate individual and work with ARISE passionately.


Sachin Kumar


Sachin Kumar has MBA in Travel and Tourism management from IITTM. He is a proactive individual who believes in Social development and work with ARISE with all his heart and soul.


Sunny Kumar


Sunny Kumar has Bcom hons fro PGDV,Delhi University. He is one kind hearted person and has been working with ARISE enthusiastically.

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Cash payments can be made at our office ARISE- B- 357 A, Opposite Eastend Apartments, New Ashok Nagar, New Delhi- 110096 Alternatively we can send one of our Executive to collect the amount.

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